Boosted hook baits

Neels Potgieter

Raising attraction even further can make all the difference when the going gets tough.

Team member Neels Potgieter has been having many great session by pimping his Trigga Ice hook baits.


First up take a hand full of baits and place in a plastic bag. Now add Trigga Ice liquid food and shake well making sure all the baits are well coated.

Now add Trigga Carpet Feed and again shake and make sure all well coated.

Leave over night to set then repeat the process. Neels likes to coat his 8 to 10 times. Once complete leave to air dry for 7 days.

The baits will breakdown in layers once cast out giving oozing attraction that carp find hard to resist.


Good Luck,


Neels Potgieter,


Team Nutrabaits South Africa


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