Ener-vite Gold Base Mix

Base Mix

Ener-vite Gold Base Mix Nutrabaits Ltd
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If you are looking for a yellow bird food mix packed with nutritional content and boosted levels of inbuilt attraction to ensure twelve months a year effectiveness, look no further.

The ever-popular Enervite Gold ticks all the boxes and more.

This is one of those baits that can used with total confidence with virtually any type of additives, but our recommendation - particularly for cold weather use - would be to combine a liquid food and Sweet or Cream Cajouser along with a fruit or cream based flavour and/or a low level essential oil.

Suggested Recipes

500g Enervite Gold
4g Creamy Super Sweet
20ml Multimino
2ml Cream Cajouser

500g Enervite Gold
4g Creamy Super Sweet
20ml Multimino
6ml Caramel Cream Flavour

500g Enervite Gold
20ml Nutramino
4ml Strawberry Flavour
4ml Cream Flavour
2ml Sweet Cajouser

500g Enervite Gold
4g Green Lipped Mussel Extract
10ml Corn Steep Liquor
5ml Caviar UTCS Flavour
10 drops Black Pepper Oil

500g Enervite Gold
4g Fruit Super Sweet
15ml Total Hemp Oil
15ml Multimino
5ml Cranberry Flavour
2ml Sweet Cajouser

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