Ener-vite Base Mix

Base Mix

Ener-vite Base Mix Nutrabaits Ltd
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The recipe used in this stunning spicy birdfood mix had remained unchanged since the product was first launched way back in 1986 and the inclusion of Robin Red, high level Liver Extract, Mixed Spice and Yeast ensures it remains a huge favourite with Nutrabaits’ users to this day.

Use with total confidence throughout the year either in on its own or in combination with the liquid attractors of your choice, or if you are looking to add a bit of genuine originality to your finished bait at 25% along with 75% of Trigga or Big Fish Mix.

Suggested Recipes

500g Enervite
20ml Trigga Liquid
6ml Tecni Spice UTC Flavour

500g Enervite
4g Betaine HCI
20ml Multimino
5ml Strawberry Flavour
2ml Ni Cream

500g Enervite
20ml Corn Steep Liquor
6ml Liver Flavour
2ml Spice Cajouser

500g Enervite
4g Betaine HCI
20ml Nutramino
5ml Plum Flavour
1ml N-Butyric

500g Enervite
20ml Nutramino
4 drops Garlic Oil
2ml Spice Cajouser

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