50/50 Boilie Mix

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50/50 Boilie Mix Nutrabaits Ltd
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Packed in great value 2.5 kg bags, 50/50 mix is the ideal choice if you are looking to put together a high attract recipe where the emphasis is more on the inherent pulling power of the additives than the nutritional content of the base mix itself.

Having said that, the combination of ingredients that we use to create the 50/50 mix is more than adequate nutritionally for the vast majority of situations as has been proved by the huge number of big fish that this mix has produced over the years.

Use with total confidence with the combination of additives of your choice at the upper limit of our suggested inclusion rates.

Suggested Recipes

500g 50/50 Mix
20ml Multimino
6ml Cream Cajouser
1ml Sweet Cajouser

500g 50/50 Mix
20ml Multimino
6ml Plum and Caproic Acid UTCS Flavour
2ml Sweet Cajouser

500g 50/50 Mix
20ml Nutramino
6ml Tutti Frutti Flavour
2ml Sweetener

450g 50/50 Mix
50g Robin Red
20ml Multimino
6ml Tecni-Spice UTCS Flavour
1ml Spice Cajouser

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