Super Sweet Range

The three products in the Super Sweet range are designed to add that little something special that can so often bring success on today’s pressured venues.

The advantage of using powdered sweeteners of this type is that they are considerably less soluble than the liquid alternatives and consequently they wash out of the bait much slower; this has the effect of extending the period of inbuilt attraction.

At 4-6g per 500g, the Super Sweets also improve the palatability of the mix and add greatly to it’s originally.
Available if 50g pouches complete with a measuring spoon to enable accurate inclusion levels.

Super Sweet Powders are not just for the bait making connoisseur, a top edge on the quiet is to apply a teaspoon of any given super sweet to one of our bait soak complexes for supercharged attraction. The longer you leave your hookbaits to soak, the better they get! 

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