Nutritional Attractors

A range of top quality predominantly natural, nutritional attractors that enable you to add an originality and uniqueness to your bait, both of which are proven to provide a very definite edge in terms of both food value and pulling powder. Their inclusion can also substantially alter the inherent texture of the finished baits; a distinct advantage if you are looking to improve the digestion process and/or speed up the release of the additives.

Many long-time Nutrabaits users incorporate one - or a combination of our Nutritional Attractors - in every bait they use, but check the ingredient listing on the base mix packaging first; many of our recipes already contain some of these products in their make up as away of providing boosted levels of in built attraction.

Having said that, it is virtually impossible to go over the top with this type of product, a high inclusion level is never going to shorten a baits catching life or detract from its effectiveness.

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