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Big Fish Mix sets the standard that others strive to equal when it comes to premium quality baits that combine the ever-effective fishmeal, bird food and protein combination of ingredients; little wonder then that it is the number one choice of many of the carp worlds most successful carp anglers.

The recipe combines premium quality fishmeals, Haith’s Robin Red, CLO, human food grade milk and whey proteins along with vitamins and minerals.

This easy to roll mix is best used with one of our liquid foods, a low level inclusion of Salmon Oil, Green Lipped Mussel Extract and the fruit, spice or savoury attractor of your choice.

Available in 1.5kg, 5kg resealable bags and 10kg buckets. 

Suggested recipes. 

500g Base mix, 

20ml Nutramino, 

10ml Salmon Oil, 

5ml Cranberry Flavour, 

1ml Sweet Cajouser, 

500g Base Mix,

4g Green Lipped Mussel Extract,

20ml Salmon Oil, 

4ml Salmon Flavour, 

4ml Caviar UTCS Flavour,

8 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil, 

500g Base Mix, 

4g Betaine HCi

20ml Nutramino, 

5ml Tutti Frutti Flavour, 

1ml Sweet Cajouser,

500g Base Mix, 

4g Liver Powder,

25ml Trigga Liquid, 

5ml Salmon Flavour, 

2 drops Garlic Essential Oil, 

500g Base Mix, 

20ml Nutramino, 

10ml Salmon Oil

5ml Crab Flavour, 

1ml N-Butyric Acid, 

500g Base Mix, 

20ml Nutramino, 

10ml Total Hemp Oil, 

6ml Plum & Caproic UTCS Flavour, 

500g Base Mix,

20ml Trigga Ice Liquid, 

10g Liver Powder, 

6ml Tecni Spice Flavour, 

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