Winter Carping - Lee Bateman

Targeting carp during the winter months on runs waters.

What bait would I use when fishing a runs water ?!

Before fishing a lake for the first time I would always do my home work, regardless of quoted fish stocks, finding out the correct information regarding the number of fish in the lake and by speaking to locals that fish the water most weeks is priceless.
Always have a walk around the water your approaching, checking if the lake is silty bottom or a gravel pit will also have an impact on my bait choice.

The lake I will fishing this winter has stock levels of over 400 carp, the water is a peat red colour so I want a lighter coloured bait and a sweet high attract bait is my choice for this type of water.

My bait choice consisting of home rolled Enervite Gold and shelf life Cream Cajouser both whole and chopped boilies, mixed with the amazing Cream Cajouser bag &  stick mix, 10g of Betaine HCI, and a good glugging of the new Cream Cajouser activator.
Fished over the top of this the hook bait will be a 12mm cream cajouser pop. 

The reason I’m using home rolled Enervite gold with Cream Cajouser is I can boil these just enough to skin the baits. This will allow the baits to break down far faster than the shelf life’s giving a perfect blend of attraction and baits breaking down at different rates. Big edge during the colder months.I will use this mix in box bag mix and spod out on regular intervals during the session to keep my spots topped up. 

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