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Benjamin Loidolt explains how he improves attraction even further for cold water short sessions

Benjamin Loidolt; Tips from the bank.


For those that don’t know Benjamin, a prolific catcher of big carp on limited time. Constantly thinking out of the box and strong believer in adding even more attraction to baits. As little as 10 minutes spent pimping baits whilst setting up can make all the difference between success and failure.


Getting more attraction in your baits for short sessions.


With limited time and most sessions being after work and needing to pack up early in the morning to head back to work, maximizing attraction in your baits for these types of sessions is paramount. I have a busy work and family life so time for pre-baiting or long sessions is limited.

Team member Benjamin Loidolt baiting approach for autumn and winter sessions.



Benjamin prefers to use a mix of highly attractive bait soaks, stick mixes and shelf-life boilies for spontaneous sessions on his body of water!


In the first step, he heats water from the lake in his cooker and lets it simmer for a few minutes.



Next, the boilies are put in a bucket and boiling water is poured over them. The lid of the bucket goes on immediately and the balls should soak for approximately 30 minutes.



After half an hour Benjamin opens the lid on one side and lets some water out of the bucket, but there should still be water left over for optimal binding of the stick mix.



Now a few milliliters of the various highly concentrated types of bait soaks are added which should be drawn in for a few minutes with the lid closed. The idea is that since the balls have already started to open due to the boiling water, the soak can now draw into the baits more easily than by pouring over straight out of the bag. Softening the baits for instant, oozing attraction.



While the soak draws in, Benjamin repeatedly shakes and swings the bucket so that all the bait is coated before he finally adds the Cream-Cajouser Stick Mix.



Before the pimped balls are ready for use, he sets his three rods right and equips them with his respective bait. Then shaking and swinging the bucket over and over again.



Simple tactics for maximum attraction, if you have limited fishing time, making your baits stand out and have more pulling power than other anglers on the lake is a must.


Tight Lines


Benjamin Loidolt

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