The most important thing in carp fishing!

Franz Julian Paetzold

There are so many factors that can affect our success or failure when carp fishing.

In addition to the natural conditions such as air pressure, wind and temperature, the choice of the right spot also plays a huge role. All these factors can only be influenced to a limited extent in most cases. The weather often disturbs our calculations or our preferred swim is already occupied. This often leads to dissatisfaction and uncertainty, which can reflect in our fishing. In these situations, you often have to improvise and rely on watercraft. Especially when it is particularly important you have confidence in the things you can influence. Because nothing is worse than having to worry about the quality of the baits or the functionality of your rigs in this situation.


With a proven rig and a quality bait (such as the Trigga boilies) you can defy even the most adverse circumstances and be successful. Many carp fishing mistakes start with doubts in our heads. Often, we worry too much about what’s gone before in similar situations, doubting your rigs, baits, and our fishing  experience. For this reason, I strongly believe that the most important part of carp fishing is trust. So, in every situation, have confidence in your bait and your angling ability and do not let it unsettle you.


At this point I would like to report a crazy session, which I experienced a year ago at a small gravel pit in Germany. After preparing my spots for over a week with Trigga Freezer baits, I wanted to go fishing for two nights over the weekend. The weather forecast gave me hope and announced a strong southwesterly wind and temperatures around 24 degrees. The past weeks were extremely hot with temperatures well over 30 degrees and so the drop in temperatures Looked like I had timed my session perfectly. My pre-baited spots were on the eastern shore of the lake and so in the teeth of the forecast wind. So the chances of catching were more than good for me. When I arrived at the lake on Friday afternoon after work, I was shocked to see that my swim had already been occupied by two anglers. Unfortunately, I only had the opportunity to fish on the back of the wind on the west bank. Normally, I would not have even started fishing in this situation and would have immediately turned around and driven home. For some reason, however, I decided differently and decided to stay. I decided  to trust one hundred percent and therefore fed 1kg of Trigga Freezer baits. Meanwhile, I noticed that anglers on the opposite bank caught several fish in a short time over my pre-baited area. Down but not out, I decided to give it one night only as I did not expect success. Nevertheless, I wanted to put my rods In with the best chance possible with hook baits I had the ultimate confidence. In such a situation, personally, there is only one hook bait  for me being the Pinapple & N-Butyric Pop ups.


After I had presented both rigs on one spot, I went to sleep and did not wake up until about 4:00am. After a strong cup of coffee I just started to fold my bedchair when I got a run on my left hand rod. Completely out of the blue, I picked the rod and realized immediately that I had hooked a good fish. After an epic battle, a few minutes later, one of the A-Team rolled over into my landing net


What I want to say with this story is, sometimes the confidence in bait and skills is the key to success, because doubts exist only in our heads!


Oh and one last thing ...give the Pineapple & N-Butyric Pop ups a try if not already in your bag... !!! ;-)

‘’Tight Lines, 


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