Boosting your baits

Giving your baits added attraction is nothing new.

Our number one goal was always to give the ultimate bait glug that not only gave your bait added attraction to pass through the water column, but offer a booster that wasn't overpowering, PVA friendly and most importantly could be used with any bait.

Use our liquid boosters with total confidence on Boilies, Pellets, Particles or even Luncheon meat, Maggots etc.

Another great edge is when taking your baits out of the freezer simply add approx 30ml of booster per kg of bait, give a good shake and leave to defrost. The booster of your choice will draw into your bait for a slower release.

This is a product you can't over do but 30ml to 50ml per kg of bait is a great starting point.

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