Alfie Naylor and the creation of the New River Plus Range.

Over the years I’ve done my fair share of River fishing targeting various species. For me Barbel are one of my all time favourites. In the past I’ve tried most of the all time classic Barbel baits, plus experimented with making my own bait with good success along the way - this brings me to the start of my bait journey with Nutrabaits.

Originally Brian Skoyles spoke to me regarding creating a Barbel Bait under the Nutrabaits brand and put me in touch with Richard to discuss our ideas and the process of creating a dedicated Barbel bait, which would be a first for Nutrabaits. This really intrigued me, my passion for fishing extends to all areas and the chance to be directly involved in creating a bait with such experienced Anglers; Brian, Richard and the bait guru’s at the Nutrabaits factory was an opportunity not to be missed. Their knowledge of bait and ingredients is second to none, combine that with my extensive knowledge of the River Trent that’s on my doorstep, we had the formula to make something special.

Brian already had the first batch and field testing with great success. The prototype dumbbell boilie was born - light Brown in colour and very much a Trigga derivative with the difference being the additional levels of additives and flavours giving a great looking bait and aroma that screams Barbel.

With a high level of liquid foods that give high leakage and added pulling power in moving water. I then had a batch made after long discussions which was slightly different. I wanted to maximise the leakage and utilising the Trigga Ice base mix but with higher levels of Trigga powder, additional additives and raising the natural flavour levels even higher. My thought was to increase the attraction and leakage even further through the flow of the river.

It wasn’t until myself and Brian planned a social trip on the Trent in order to discuss our progress and deliberate on the next stages for the bait that we realised were each testing different prototypes. This added to the dynamic, we hadn’t expected and initially made the process harder. That evening we fished together, both catching plenty – we knew one bait must be shelved and the better option must go forward. Our competitive natures were really shining through at this stage and the testing process become intense.

After numerous conversations between myself, Brian, Richard and the lads at the factory it was decided an addition of Robin Red to give the baits even more of a spicy edge which in turn has given the baits the great and distinctive maroon colour.

After months of trials through the changing seasons version 2 prevailed as the one to move forward after outstanding and consistent results year round.


Both myself and Brian usually fish short evening sessions only so trials would prove to be interesting.

After lengthy discussions about testing we really wanted to put it through its paces. Brian’s role was to turn up at any section of River he wished to fish and see if the Barbel found it an instant attractor - they did with remarkable success. Myself on the other hand wanted to see if pre-baiting an area would hold fish in baited areas, the results from pre-baiting was nothing short of astonishing, the more bait I put in the better the results got having several big hits of Barbel on a number of occasions. Regardless of weather conditions the results were fantastic.


Overall the Bait has surpassed my expectations in what can be achieved - catching from many different stretches of the River Trent. Not stopping at rivers I’ve also been putting it through its paces on still waters having great success catching Carp to over 25lbs, Roach to over 3lb along with several large Chub to over 7lb. 

The baits were also tested by several accomplished anglers over the last few months with amazing results, huge Barbel, Bream, Roach, Tench and Carp all finding the bait hard to resist in a variety of waters nationwide.

The results really do speak for themselves, myself and Brian are very much looking forward to seeing your great results over the coming months / years.

Kind regards


What's available in the range !!

First there's our 12mm x 15mm Dumbells perfect for using as hook baits or free offings. Available in handy 400g and 1kg resealable bags.

Pellets - Matching feed pellets in both 4mm and 8mm which are also available in 1kg resealable bags.

Liquid Booster - For even more attraction we have our River Plus Liquid Booster, a complex blend of liquid foods and matching flavour combinations to give both taste and aroma that screams Barbel. 
Simply pour approx 30ml into either 1kg of Dumbells or pellets, seal and shake and there ready to go. Available in 250ml bottles.

Now all that's needed is a good camera and get sending over your catch reports.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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