Home rolling baits has always given anglers a great edge in being able to create a bait to suit the water they are fishing. We have simplified this process with being clear and open with all our products to make home rolling as simple as possible.

With our extensive range of base mixes, additives, liquid foods, flavours, essential oils etc. the combinations are endless.

Choose from one of our base mixes or as several anglers like to do is blend two together.

Choose from:


Needs little introduction, one of the all time best baits ever produced. A blend of only the highest quality ingredients available.


  • Trigga powder,
  • Pre-digested marine meals,
  • low fat oceanic proteins,
  • milk proteins,
  • whey proteins,
  • vitamins and minerals.


Another that needs little introduction, this originally produced as the winterised version of the legendary Trigga but has proved to be a huge success year round. A blend of only the highest quality ingredients available.


  • Trigga ice powder,
  • Pre-digested marine meals,
  • low fat oceanic proteins,
  • milk proteins,
  • whey proteins,
  • vitamins and minerals.


One of our first base mixes produced and still a massive favourite of many of our team members and customers alike. 
Why is it so good:

Put simply this base mix has everything a carp would need in it's diet, a perfect blend of the finest fish meals available, milk proteins, whey proteins, additives including Haith's legendary Rodin Red, Betaine HCi, plus a perfect blend of our vitamins and minerals.


This being a perfect blend of bird foods to give one of the most digestible base mixes ever produced. Being a base mix that is perfect for 12 months of the year use. The list of recipes is endless.


  • Sluis CLO,
  • Red Factor,
  • Nectarblend,
  • PTX,
  • Maize meal,
  • Full fat soya,
  • Nutragel,
  • Vitamins and minerals,


This base mix has proved to be a massive success worldwide and a big favourite for many fishing rivers and canals with its pungent aroma. Completely different to anything currently available and perfect for the angler looking for a great edge on high pressured waters where the carp have seen everything. L


  • Pre-digested fish meals,
  • Sluis CLO,
  • Whey proteins,
  • Vitamins and minerals,
  • Blue oyster powder.


Hi-Nu-Val builds on its formidable reputation of high protein mixes, containing a subtle blend of Milk proteins. 

This is a genuine long term food source bait that has often proved very selective in outwitting bigger carp. Hi-Nu-Val has always been regarded as the ultimate milk protein mix. 

We suggest you keep artificial attractors levels on the low side for long term results. Natural extracts such as Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Betaine-HCi and Nutramino can be added at greater levels to increase attraction as it is near enough impossible to over load natural ingredients. 

Many anglers use Hi-Nu-Val for hook baits also. 

50/50 Mix

A cost effective base mix for producing high attract baits, boils hard and great for the angler on a budget. Perfect for the angler who uses small amounts of bait and wants to raise attraction by increasing additives and flavour levels to create a high attract bait. 


Now less popular due to the advent of mechanical rollers, high levels of oils make baits harder to roll so have fell out of favour with many bait rollers. 

Any premium quality bait needs a fat content to balance its nutritional profile, and our bulk food oils which have been sourced from around the world are tailored to provide just the right source of naturally occurring fatty acids. 

‘We all know that in order to be effective you need optimum levels of protein in a bait and so is fat. Fatty acids are vital as are amino acid. Both prime requirements in providing a balanced bait. 

We call them food oils because that’s exactly what they are- food. Their make up has been structured to add balance to any well formulated base mix by increasing the amount of necessary dietary fat in your chosen bait. Fat has a sparing action on protein, allowing bait protein to be more widely assimilated into growth. 

At the same time food oils provide the quickest and most easily converted source of energy and nothing can exist without energy. It figures that fats (oils) are as essential as any other factor in nutrition. 


Now we’re coming to the nitty-gritty. 

An essential part of any quality bait and with so many products available on the market it can be a mine field. We have search the world to get only the highest quality liquid foods available giving you the ultimate confidence in your bait nutrition. 

Our liquid foods can be added at levels between 20ml and 50ml per kilo of base mix and a combination of any two have been used to great effect over many years. 


As with all our ingredients we have scoured the world for the highest quality ingredients available, you may find elsewhere at lower cost but with so much difference in quality is it worth taking the gamble ? 

Each of our products in this section have been researched to find the optimum inclusion levels as our Natural extract, additives are highly concentrated. 

‘Please refer to the recommended inclusion levels of each product. 


Our flavours again have been sourced worldwide with only the highest quality making our range. 

Many being all time classics which have stood the test of time and several unique flavours that have been kept secret by many anglers for years for there fish pulling powers. 

Flavours are a personal touch with many anglers having there own personal favourites regardless of base mix used. 

It’s advisable to stick with our recommended inclusion levels but many flavours from our range have been combined for many years to great effect. For example Pineapple & Banana, Strawberry & Cream, Maple & Cream but to name a few. 


A question we get asked on a daily basis, what is “under the counter specials” these simply are our in house blends that have proved hugely successful since there introduction. With perfect blends at the optimum levels giving you a great edge in your angling. 

It is advisable to stick to the recommended inclusion levels. 


Our range of essential oils is intended to allow you to add a very specific, and in most cases a totally unique attraction to your baits. 

‘Many customers and team members alike regard the use of essential oils as a vital part of their attractor package. In particular anglers with long term baiting plans who rely on that all important uniqueness our essential oils bring to any bait making your bait stand out. 

Our essential oils can be used as your main flavour or mixed with any of our flavours to give your bait a great edge. 

Like flavours, essential oils are designed to be used at optimum levels. In some cases this may be as low as 1 drop per 500g of base mix and others at twenty times that amount. We urge you to keep strictly within the recommended upper and lower limits for each essential oil. 

Our field testers have worked tirelessly to find the recommended levels. Being highly concentrated as little as one extra drop might be the difference between success and failure. 

Team Nutrabaits

We are always on hand to offer friendly expert advice whether you're a seasoned pro or thinking of home rolling for the first time.

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