I am not quite sure that I would agree that paste bait is necessarily better than boiled bait, but I would have to agree that a paste wrap around a boilie hookbait can certainly add to the attraction qualities and consequently increase your chances of a pick up. To cut a long story short, as the paste breaks down the attarctors leak into the water and seemingly pulls everything that swims onto your hook bait. Every tactic has its downside of course and the main problem with paste wraps is that if you are fishing a water that is heavily stocked with unwanted species such as bream or tench, you may well get pestered a little more than you would if you using a boilie only approach.

Having said that though, if you don’t mind the odd snotty one or if your water is predominately a carp only venue, the paste wraps can undoubtedly be a very worthwhile tactic especially on more prolific venues. Paste wraps are especially effective during the winter months when the going gets tough and when your session can undoubtedly stand or fall on the inherent level of attraction emitted by your hook bait.

We produce a Shelf-Life Paste to complement each of our ready-made boilies, although in truth they can be used in conjunction with any flavoured bait of your choice.

Preparation is simplicity itself: simply mould a ball of paste around the baited rig, cast out and wait for the magic to happen…

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