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We get requests on a regular basis for Ener-vite Gold being rolled as a bespoke bait, this isn’t always possible with the amount of bait rolled on a daily basis at our factory.

We have taken the decision to add the Gold range over the colder months, a bait that is sure to get your buzzers singing. Our Ener-vite Gold base mix needs no introduction as a year round prolific catcher of carp. Add to this Nutramino, Molasses, Betaine HCi and Sweet Cajouser at their optimum levels along with our new in-house flavour blend that has caused quite a stir already. Being sweet, beautiful aroma and taste carp simply find hard to resist. We’ve simply named the flavour as Gold as it works so well with the Ener-vite Gold base mix.

Now’s your chance to test what’s already being talked about as a true all time classic by several of our team.

As always at Nutrabaits we do the hard part in thoroughly testing for you to reap the rewards.

Give yourself an edge over the coming months and we look forward to seeing your catch reports coming flooding flying in.

Available in 12mm and 15mm in freezer baits along with matching pop ups.

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