Betaine HCI

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The hugely popular Betaine HCI is a naturally occurring substance that is present in minute quantities in plants, yeasts, fungi, and the flesh of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Unsurprisingly it is commonly included in the production of many commercial fish feeds. It is closely related to the amino acid. Betaine is rated incredibly highly by experienced bait users, in fact one very well-known carp angler was once quoted as saying that he would rather go fishing without his trousers than without a few grams of these magical white granules in his bait.

Our Betaine has been sourced from the human food industry and is of the highest quality available, with many versions on the market that are rendered useless by being cut with citric acid. Be careful what you are purchasing. 

Put simply 2-6g per 500g of Beatine HCI adds significantly to the inbuilt attraction qualities of any bait.

Available in 50g pots complete with a measuring spoon to enable accurate inclusion levels.

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