Bulk Food Oils

Although our ranges of bulk food oils are all proven attractor's in their own right, their primary job is to provide the bait with a vitally important fat food source.
Fats - or to be more specific - fatty acids are as essential as any other part of nutrition and a good quality bulk oil is the most efficient way of providing this and the vital source of energy that comes part and parcel with it.
As is the case with all Nutrabaits products, the suggested inclusion rates are clearly shown on the label, we would advise however, that spring, summer and autumn levels be reduced slightly for cold weather use, when the carp’s energy requirement is lower.
Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles depending on the product.

Salmon Oil 
Our most popular bulk oil by some distance, this particular version of Salmon Oil is the highest quality and purest we have ever come across and consequently it is ideal for inclusion in virtually any bait imaginable.
Having said that, it is in fishmeal baits that it really comes into its own; 20ml per 500g producing spectacular results for numerous anglers over the years.
This is an oil that shows no sign of thickening in low temperatures, so it remains effective throughout the colder months.

Total Hemp Oil  
Nature’s most balanced oil, is a terrific addition to most types of bait and certainly should be high on your list if you are looking to put together a birdfood of milk protein based bait.
Produced from finest quality pressed hemp seed, a method that ensures none of the fatty acids are destroyed, it boasts impressive levels of Omega 3,6 and 
9 EFA’s and is naturally rich in Vitamin E.
Hemp Oil is also particularly useful as an addition to any of our Carpets Feeds or Bag Mixes.

Cod Liver Oil  
This much underrated bulk oil provides a terrific year round fat food source and doubles as a superb carp attractor in its own right. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamins A and D, it is undoubtedly of enormous nutritional benefit when included in a carp’s long term diet.
As with all bulk oils, there is absolutely no need to go over the top with the inclusion rate; our suggestion being 20ml for spring, summer and autumn and half that level for winter use. 

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