Base Mix

Painstakingly researched and meticulously blended in the UK by our own experienced workforce, all of our base mixes are produced to the highest possible standards to ensure unrivalled consistency for both long and short term effectiveness.

All come with the ingredients used in their make up clearly shown on the product packaging and recommendations as to how to get the very best from them. You can even check out our all time classic recipes of the team on our Suggested Recipes page.

Choose from 1.5 kg and 5kg reasonable bags or great value 10 kg buckets.

Dependant on liquid levels used you should expect the following amount of finished bait.

1.5 kg Base mix = approx 2.2 kg of finished bait

10 kg Base mix = approx 14 kg of finished bait

20 kg Base mix = approx 28 kg of finished bait

Thus making your own bait cost effective compared to purchasing finished bait and giving you the option to add your own personal touch.

Ps don't hesitate to get in touch for any advice on recipes etc by emailing;

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