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Welcome to the World of Nutrabaits
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The Nutrafruits

Our unique range of glycerol-based fruit flavours are at the cutting-edge of flavour technology.

While most bait companies rely on cheaper propylene glycol-based flavours using the same boring recipe of esters that make one strawberry flavour taste much like another, our flavourist has been tasked with making the Nutrafruit range of flavours as unique as possible by experimenting in the laboratory to achieve the ultimate in pulling power and attraction.

In addition, we insisted that practically all our flavours be based upon a less artificial chemical, and the natural base, glycerol, has ensured that our range is unlike anything else on the market.

Available in 100ml bottles or in larger quantities to special order.

EA - Flavours marked with the EA icon also available on an Ethyl Alcohol base.

Strawberry (EA)

The ever popular Strawberry Nutrafruit never ceases to amaze us. It just carries on and on producing the goods season after season in just about any base mix you choose to use it with.

Feedback suggests that 3-4ml per 16oz/500g is ideal for inclusion in birdfoods and milk proteins, whereas fishmeal type mixes can tolerate slightly higher levels, 6ml per mix being our recommendation.


The fabulous smelling Banana is the one we use to such good effect in combination with Pineapple Nutrafruit in our highly rated ready-made.

You will have to go a long way to find a flavour that is quite as instant as Banana Nutrafruit, a 12 month a year biggie that doesn’t have the overpowering acetate smell that so often accompanies lesser quality banana flavours.


Antonio Di Rienzo

Like most of our flavours, the fact that it is glycerol based ensures that Blackberry Nutrafruit smells and tastes exactly how it should do – just like freshly picked blackberries!

I think it’s fair to say that this is a very underrated addition to our range, but one that continues to do well for the anglers who choose it as their bait smell year in, year out.

Use either on its own or in combination with Cream Elite – 3ml of each being the best levels.


Greengage Nutrafruit has a smell that seems to be almost spicy rather than fruity and that lends itself ideally to virtually any bait.

If you want an essential oil to go with it, look no further than either Geranium or Juniper Berry.

Several anglers have also reported superb results on Greengage when it has been combined 50/50 with Cream Cajouser in our Ener-vite Gold Mix.


Use either on its own or in combination with Juniper Berry Oil or Ylang Ylang Oil; this superb smelling sweet cherry flavour is many Nutrabaits users’ number one choice of attractor. Ideal for both long and short term baits and for use at any time of the year.

If you are after an out-and-out attractor bait, try this one at 8ml per 16oz/500g in The Biollix.



Another absolute cracker from the Nutrafruit range that can undoubtedly be classed as one of the unsung biggies. Use in the base mix of your choice at 3-5ml per 16oz/500g at any time of the year with total confidence.

If you want to combine it with an essential oil we suggest either Black Pepper or Bergamot.

For winter use try 4ml per pound in Hi-Nu-Val.


Plum Nutrafruit is a superb smell to use with either of our two Ener-vite Mixes, our tip being 16oz/500g of Ener-vite Gold, 4ml of Plum, 15ml of Nutramino and 2g each of Fruit Super Sweet and Betaine HC1.

It also combines very well with an Essential Oil – 1 drop of oil with 3-4ml of Nutrafruit being the correct level for a 5 egg mix. A very consistent performer that produces the goods summer and winter.

Cranberry (EA)

Mauro Pittori

The most popular of all the Nutrafruits, Cranberry has undoubtedly become one of the carp world’s best ever flavours.

Just open the bottle and find out what all the fuss is about. An absolutely glorious smelling flavour that just screams carp!

Cranberry Nutrafruit is the number one choice for many long time BFM users including Del Smith, Terry Lampard and our own Richard Skidmore, although in truth it can be combined with any base mix.

Totally awesome carp catcher!!


Another very popular Nutrafruit that will need no introduction to many of you. Guava Nutrafruit has a bit of a kick to it but, as you would expect from any of our flavours, the smell and taste in the finished bait is absolutely stunning.

If you are a fan of oil and flavour combinations, Bill Cottam rates both Guava and Black Pepper and Guava and Madagascar Clove Oil as his top two carp bait smells for cold weather use. Not a bad recommendation, that one!


One of the all time classic carp bait smells, Blackcurrant Nutrafruit is a proven attractor throughout the 12 months of the year. Use either on its own at 4ml per 16oz/500g or at a slightly reduced level along with 2ml of either Cream Cajouser or Caramel Cream Elite.

Ideal for both long term food baits or shorter term attractor baits.

Success in Belgium

Tutti-Frutti (EA)

No introduction needed! Tutti-Frutti Nutrafruit is a complex blend of fruits that has played a huge part in the development of carp attractors over the years.

Stunning in The Big Fish Mix, devastating in Ener-vite Gold and more than a little bit special in The Four Seasons Mix, Tutti-Frutti is the number one smell for ludicrous numbers of long-time carp men.

Use at any time of the year for almost guaranteed success!


Along with Tutti-Frutti, Tropical Nutrafruit is the second fruit blend in the range and one that many who have used it believe to be equally as effective as Tutti itself.

This is a superb 12 months a year smell that seems to work best on its own as opposed to in combination with an essential oil. Use a 3-4ml per 16oz/500g mix for food bait or at up to 8ml for instant attraction.


This is the second part of the awesome Banana and Pineapple combination that has ruled the roost on so many of today’s big fish venues.

Pineapple Nutrafruit has a superb smell and taste, both in the bottle and in the finished bait, and remains a firm favourite with many Nutrabaits users throughout Europe.

A smell that long term fieldtesting has proved to be effective throughout the year.


Until this Nutrafruit appeared in the marketplace, I think it’s fair to say that Apricot had never really been recognised as a carp bait smell. Not surprisingly, this flavour changed all that!

Use it with total confidence in the base mix of your choice, either on its own or in combination with Cream Elite or Black Pepper Oil.

A proven summer or winter big carp attractor.


Another rarely used bait smell until it became a part of the Nutrafruit range. Kiwi has an uncanny knack of producing the biggest fish in a lake relatively early in a baiting campaign and will continue to come up with the goods in either fishmeal or birdfood type baits.

This is one of those additives that would appear to be at its best in warmer conditions and, as such, we would suggest you don’t use it in winter as the sole attractor.


One of the most underrated of all our products, Raspberry Nutrafruit really is an incredibly effective bait label that many anglers rate among the best they’ve ever used… ask Mark Pidgley about it – he caught over 100 twenties from one lake in a single season on it a couple of years ago! Try it in Ener-vite Gold or The Four Seasons Mix at 4ml per 16oz/500g with 2ml of Cream Elite and 2ml of Cream Cajouser. Absolutely gorgeous!!