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Welcome to the World of Nutrabaits

Freezer Baits

Freezer Baits

The addition of the new BFM, Pineapple and N-Butyric Acid Freezer Baits, coupled with last year's 3D launch, means that Nutrabaits Freezer Bait range, now encompasses seven incredibly effective big carp catchers.

Rolled to our exacting standards by Rollin' Baits, each bait is available in 12mm, 14mm and 18mm sizes, with dedicated Pop-ups produced from a combination of Base Mix and Pop-up Mix also available in each of the three sizes.

Seven different customised Bait Soak Complexes to add that little big extra attraction-wise complete the range.


G-Force Freezer Baits

As with all our freezer baits, the G-Force boilies are made from 100% pure, uncut base mix, proven attractor levels and "shell" egg.

Use with total confidence throughout the year, safe in the knowledge that you are using a bait that offers a genuine "alternative" from so many of today's baits that are, in reality, little mote than variations on the same old theme!

The recipe is exactly as our fieldtester have been using... G-Force base mix with addition of 20ml per 500g of G-Force liquid Food.

BFM Pineapple and N-Butyric

We have combined one of the most outstanding base mixes of all time with what is now widely recognised as one of the top attractor combinations ever put together and arrived at the stunning BFM Pineapple and N-Butyric Freezer Baits.

Based on our groundbreaking Big Fish Mix base mix with added Pineapple Nutrafruit, N-Butyric Acid, Salmon Oil and our much whispered about Marine Relish.

Make sure you get some in your freezer today!

Stijn Borghmans


This is the exact recipe that our fieldtesters used to such devastating effect during our initial trials with this awesome bait. Simplicity itself: Trigga Base Mix, combined with 7ml of Liquid Trigga per egg and the optimum level of the stunning Betaine HC1. Carp baits simply do not get any better than this; as our old pal Ken Townley keeps on saying - "Buy a bag and change your life!"

Trigga Ice

Rolled to the highest standards by Rollin' Baits and despatched to your local stockist on the very same day they are produced, Trigga Ice Freezer Baits set the standard that other freezer bait suppliers attempt to equal.

The recipe is nothing short of awesome: Trigga Ice base mix with the addition of 7ml per egg of Liquid Trigga Ice.


Available in 12mm, 14mm or 18mm sizes, the awesome 3D Freezer Bait recipe really does represent the ultimate in nutritional quality and effectiveness - 3D base mix with the standard addition of 20ml of Liquid 3D per 500g mix.

In common with the rest of our Freezer Bait range, 3D boilies are expertly rolled to our exacting standards by the highly-rated Rollin' Baits and are despatched to your local stockist freshly rolled, not frozen and partially thawed by the time they arrive.

Big Fish Mix and Cranberry

Keith James

Undoubtedly one of the greatest ever carp bait combinations now available for the first time straight from the freezer. This bait has done the business on practically every water where it has been used and it remains as successful as ever today. The combination of BFM, Cranberry Nutrafruit, Nutramino and Salmon Oil is a big favourite of, among others, Richard Skidmore, Julian Cundiff and Del Smith.

One thing is for sure: you will have to go a long way to find a more consistent carp bait.

BFM/Ener-vite Combo and Wonderfruit

A seriously special carp bait that has been kept under wraps for some time, but that is now available ready-rolled and frozen for your convenience. The 50/50 split of the two base mixes, plus added Wonderfruit, Nutramino, Pure Salmon Oil and Betaine HC1, produces one of the best-smelling and most instantly attractive carp baits imaginable. Ideal for a 12-month campaign, our tip is to use either 14mm or 18mm baits up until autumn and then drop the size to 12mm as the colder weather approaches.

Four Seasons Mix, Banana, Cream and Black Pepper

A big favourite of Lee Walton and other members of the Nutrabaits staff, the subtle combination of the Four Seasons Mix, Banana Nutrafruit, Cream Elite and Black Pepper Oil was initially made available for the angler who wanted a bait for a sustained winter campaign, but results clearly show that this bait is ideal for use at any time of the year. Another brilliant choice for the year-round angler who doesn't want to change his recipe in any way for the colder part of the year.