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Welcome to the World of Nutrabaits
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Nick Burrage

Fieldtester Profile

Name: Nick Burrage

Date of Birth: 14/03/1969

Occupation: Angling consultant, writer, running my own carp angling tuition's too!

Marital Status: Married she told me with a frown!

Interests Outside Angling: My wife and four children, (I will remove that when she's gone) photography, snooker.

Football Team: Manchester United

Favourite Music: AC/DC... Classic rock! (All sorts really)

Favourite Food: Chinese/Indian food.

Most Memorable Angling Achievement: Where do I start here? Angling wise it must be catching a winter 30 from Bomere. (Not for the fait hearted at all) Otherwise I'm living a dream right now; being lucky enough to be in a situation where I couldn't be happier!

Favourite Nutrabaits Products: Trigga freezer baits. Alternative pop-up's are amazing flavours and have caught me no end of carp!

Why do you choose Nutrabaits: The carp love it, and in my eye's there's no better food bait on the market. (Many will agree with that statement)

Favourite Rig: Blow-back, made with a supple braided hook link!

Angling Influences: Any of the older carper's who have been angling a long time, such as Tim Paisley, Bill Cottam, Steve Briggs, Jules, Jim Gibbinson, Rod Hutchinson and many you wouldn't have even heard of; so the list could go on and on there! Carper's who kept at it through thick and thin in all weathers; hats off to you all!

If you could have fished at any time past or present on any venue, where and when would you have fished? Savay/Longfield/Patshall part 12 years before I did!

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